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Designer:    Ar. Joel Afable

Location:    Quezon City 

Project Background

Silverdab is a private firm that consists of professionals in Building Information Modeling (BIM) programs for architecture, engineering and construction projects in the country. Working with Ar. Joel Afable, Feliix was commissioned for the lighting and systems furniture solutions of Silverdab’s new office space in Quezon City.

Client Requirement

With a new headquarters constructed, Silverdab also needed a fresh set of systems furniture: workstations, storage systems, partitions, and indoor lighting fixtures. The client wanted to have simple and practical solutions without having to sacrifice efficacy. Output that would harmonize with the interior design of the office space and make it look contemporary was also a consideration.

70x120x74 cm 6-seater workstations with board with fabric & frosted glass partition in the main work area

240H cm floor to ceiling clear & frosted glass partition

240H cm floor to ceiling clear & frosted glass partition

in meeting rooms 1 & 2

70x120x74 cm 6-seater workstations & Feliix SB GL-5035-1

linear lights in the main work area

Specifically for the workstations, the client aimed to have reconfigurable tables for future changes and uses in their office space. While for general lighting, Silverdab wanted to have an uncomplicated lighting layout that still achieves accessible illumination for all the areas in their office.

270H cm Floor to Ceiling Clear Glass Partition

in the pantry area

Feliix SB GL-5035-1 linear lights & 70x120x74 cm 6-seater workstations in the main work area

Board with fabric & forsted glass partition of 6-seater workstations in the main work area

Feliix SB MI0055 track light & Feliix Lighting PA-105CB

suspension lights in the pantry area 

Solution & Products Provided

With black interior colors and cement and wood finishes, the design concept of Silverdab’s new headquarters was industrial style. Although we have suggested some few configurations in the planning, the design intentions to be simple and minimalist were still kept. We provided numerous products of indoor lighting fixtures and systems furniture; we delivered and installed these products with our very own architects and technicians. For the systems furniture, we produced several workstations with wood grain laminate tabletops, aluminum frame in charcoal grey powder coat finish, and glass and board with fabric partitions. Office and dining tables with the same materials and finishes were also produced for the reception area, meeting rooms, pantry and executive office. A good quantity of office and dining chairs in black imported from Taiwan were also provided along with the workstations and office tables.

Product Specifications

Feliix Lighting PG-E512 • Suspended

• 36W

• > 80 CRI

Everlight 38W 4x1

• Recessed

• 38W

Feliix SB MI0055

• Track Light

• 12W

• > 90 CRI

Feliix Lighting PA-105CB

• Suspended

• 13W

• > 90 CRI

Feliix SB GL-5035-1

• Surface mounted/Suspended

• 10W-15W

• > 90 CRI

Feliix SB MI0060

• Surface-mounted

• 7.5W

• > 80 CRI

Floor to Ceiling Clear & Frosted Glass Partition

• dimensions: 270H cm

• frame: powder coat finish

• color: black

Custom Conference Table

• dimensions: 700L x 1200W x 740H mm

• table top: wood grain laminate finish

• table base: powder coat finish

• color: charcoal grey

For the lighting fixtures, we fitted suspended and surface-mounted linear lighting across the main work area and inside the office and meeting rooms. Decorative pendants lights in white were used in the pantry while track lights were used to highlight some textures in the office space such as the cement-finished walls. Lastly, floor to ceiling glass partitions with metal frames in black powder coat finish were assembled for the pantry, meeting rooms and conference room. These floor to ceiling glass partitions help add a sense of dimension in Silverdab’s open-plan office space.

6-Seater Workstations

• dimensions: 70L x 120W x 74H cm

• partition: 2.5m thick board w/fabric & frosted glass

• table top: wood grain laminate finish

• table base: powder coat finish

• color: charcoal grey

Taiwan Series - CH-5650AXSN

• seat: fabric

• back: mesh

Taiwan Series - CH-5271AXSN

• seat: fabric

• back: mesh

70x120x74 cm 6-seater workstations & Feliix SB MI0055

tracki lights in the main work area

Project Conclusion

With combined efforts of both our systems furniture and lighting teams, we have accomplished the goals our client wanted to attain in their new headquarters. By conducting simulations, mock-ups, product presentations, and a well-executed delivery and installation, we have achieved to create a straightforward yet efficient lighting plan as well as office furniture that help enhance the office space’s industrial chic aesthetic.

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