Xcellent Sun Rise Table Lamp

by Xcellent

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Item Description

The Chinese Oracle (sun) depicts the pictogram of sun with the circle and the center point. We place this beautiful ancient character upon the earth to present the glorious moment of daybreak. 

"Sunrise" uses the three elements of metal round frame, circular light board and bamboo woven stand to outline the sky, sun and earth during the sunrise. The metal frame furnished with matte
copper shines slightly under the illumination of the light board, like the stars staying away slowly in the sunlight. 
The soft light is exposed from the slit of the bamboo weaving, the earth warm up.

The pattern of rugged road on the woven stand lead us to future. Xcellent Design create a light to record the moving moments in the sunrise.

Item Dimension

Dimensions: length 10 x width 29 x height 16 cm

Use location: Indoor

Weight: 0.48 kg

Material: /

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