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Projects / Feliix Lighting

The Globe Tower

Designer:    Aidea
Location:    Bonifacio Global City 

Project Background

Globe Telecom, Inc. is the largest mobile network in the Philippines and one of the largest major providers of telecommunication services nationwide. Their headquarters, the Globe Tower in

Bonifacio Global City, was selected as the best workplace in Asia by Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES) in 2018, and is committed to LEED Gold Certification—a green building credential program used worldwide.

Client Requirement

Housing over 4,000 employees, the Globe Tower needed revitalizing of its headquarters since it was completed in 2013. An integrated design approach formulated by international firm, Aidea, is a distinctive concept of new technology utilization that would encourage a “refreshed” look of Globe’s office environment and promote immersive teamwork and utmost ease on work practices among their employees. The designer’s intent was to create a playful an engaging surrounding while maintaining a sense of professional work atmosphere and collaboration.

DG-996R (C18) & DW-302 (C12) recessed ceiling luminaires in Globe Tower’s pantry


DG-997R (C25) &  DW-302 (C12) recessed ceiling luminaires
& PA-105CB (O12) suspended luminaires in Globe Tower’s
IT help desk area


1        DW-302 (C12) recessed ceiling luminaire
          in Globe Tower’s public hall

2          Feliix SB Suspended Hexagonal Feature Light 
          in Globe Tower’s dining area

3          Feliix SB Suspended Accent Light 
          in Globe Tower’s meeting room


PA-105CB (O12) suspended luminaires in Globe Tower's
IT help desk area

With the success of the BPI project, we decided to refer Feliix to Globe
for both unique and cost-effective solutions. Feliix also has an impressive
showroom that is a good venue to take clients to.


‣ a global integrated design firm

Solution & Products Provided

As being committed to a “green building” credential, the Globe Tower’s operations must be first and foremost energy-efficient; thus, the introduction of new class of lighting products that provides full performance, and at the same time, environmental-friendly. Architecture firm, Aidea, recommended Feliix, Inc. to Globe to manufacture these new products that would play a vital role for their headquarter’s breath of new life. Over 200 pieces of 1 watt organic LED (OLED) lighting fixtures donned as a keynote to the revitalization of the semi-public hall at the first basement of the building. Arranged in varying heights, these OLED lights cloud above the hall and provide a subtle yet ample illumination for events held in the area. Feliix also produced numerous customized decorative lighting fixtures that were designed and manufactured uniquely for the Globe Tower project. A good number of dome-shaped laser-cut lanterns and hexagonal pyramid ironwork lamps adorned the dining area on the 8th floor food court along with waterproof flexible strip lights to accentuate some parts of the interior design. Rounded black and orange drop lights also re-energized and complimented with cheery vibe the break space area on the 15th and 16th floor of the building. Lastly, kite like lamps accompanied by anti-glare architectural lighting hover above the queuing area of Globe’s banking department on the 19th floor.


Feliix SB Suspended Small & Big Kite luminaires hover above the queuing area of Globe Tower’s banking department

Product Specifications


FELIIX SB OLED Feature Light


FELIIX SB Suspended Round Light


FELIIX SB Suspended
Accent Light


FELIIX SB Suspended
Round Feature Light


FELIIX SB Suspended
Hexagon Feature Light


FELIIX SB Suspended
Dome Light


FELIIX SB Suspended
Small Kite


FELIIX SB Suspended
Big Kite


Everlight 4x1 18W


PA-105CB (O12)


DA-751C (C18)


DG-997R (C25)


DG-996R (C18)


DW-302 (C12)






Feliix SB Suspended Round Feature Light in Globe Tower’s 
dining area area

Feliix SB Suspended Round Light & Feliix SB Suspended Dome Light
in Globe Tower’s break space area


DG-997R (C25) & DW-302 (C12)
in Globe Tower’s public hall


Feliix SB OLED Feature Light in Globe Tower’s  public hall

Project Conclusion

Completing the Globe Tower project on schedule was crucial since it would mean to accommodate upcoming events of the company; nonetheless, Feliix has complied with all the requirements and requests on time regardless of the firm deadline. All design specifications, production and installation of our products were coordinated accordingly with the architects and interior designers of Aidea. Finally, the Globe Tower’s refreshed office space design now looks vibrant and dynamic more than ever, now with eco-friendly lighting fixtures found throughout the building. The revitalization of the Globe Tower is one of our biggest projects ever accomplished to date.

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