Feliix Lighting is a part of Feliix, Inc. that serves as the lighting design department of the company. Composed of well-experienced lighting engineers and architects, Feliix Lighting offers professional and creative lighting solutions to residential, commercial, institutional and public spaces and an expansive line of lighting products from leading brands in Taiwan.


At Feliix Lighting, we extend our support and make it out of our way to make certain that each and every project we handle is perfect. We take full responsibility and accountability return two-fold for our client’s satisfaction.

Our Process


We meet our clients for formal introduction

and present past successful projects.

We propose a comprehensive line of efficient

lighting products from renowned brands

in Taiwan and initiate a professional

and cost-efficient process.

Simulation & Analysis

Provided with floor plans and other

important information, we render lighting

simulations of actual building and interior structures for the best assessment

possible and achieve practical

choices and outcomes.

Delivery & Installation

Once the layout studies and quotations

are approved, we move on to the delivery

and installation. Our very own architects,

technicians, and sales executives oversee

this phase to ensure and establish an on time distribution and fitting of

our products.


Up until the final stages, we guarantee

to deliver immediate and best solutions

should there be any problems encountered

with our products. This is our way to make

certain that our clients will have the most

wonderful experience working with us.

Our Products

With over 2,000 high-end and economical products from over 20 brands in Taiwan, Feliix Lighting offers a wide-ranging collection of products that can cover all your lighting needs.


Indoor Lights

• Recessed Ceiling Luminaires

• Display Spotlights

• Surface-Mounted Luminaires

• Wall-Mounted Luminaires

• Track Lights

• Strip Lights

• Linear Luminaires

• Suspended/Pendant Luminaires

• Troffer & Panel Lights

• Specialty Luminaires

• Retrofit Luminaires


Outdoor Lights

• High Bay Luminaires

• Ceiling-Mounted Luminaires

• Wall-Mounted Luminaires

• Surface-Mounted Luminaires

• Bollards

• In-Ground Lights

• Linear Luminaires

• Recessed Luminaires

• Specialty Luminaires

• Spotlights & Floodlights

• Smart Street Lights

• Green Energy Luminaires

Special Products

High Mast Lighting System

High Mast Lighting System is a large-scale lighting structure that provides efficient and expansive lighting solution. It is ideally built for major seaport and airport terminals, train stations, sports fields, factories and highway interchanges.

Our Latest Projects

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