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Oliver Garden

Projects / Feliix Lighting

Olive Garden

Designer:    Headroom CDV Architecture
Location:    Bonifacio Global City 

Project Preview
We are pleased to share our project for Olive Garden in Bonifacio Global City, an Italian-American restaurant part of The Bistro Group. We supplied the general lighting fixtures for the dining area, bar, and kitchen, contributing to the creation of a homely and welcoming ambiance that's perfectly suited for the Filipino family dining experience.

Olive Garden Photo 1.png

FELIIX SB S1-1001-12, FELIIX SB E27-10W (DIMMABLE), FELIIX SB MI-L50-930-35D-L installed in the banquet seating

Our general lighting played an important key role in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere tailored specifically to enhance the authentic family dining experience. By contributing our lighting solutions, we helped create a welcoming ambiance that adds to the overall appeal of the restaurant.


FELIIX SB MI-L50-930-35D-L installed in the bar area


FELIIX ST SMD3528-60-001 installed in the bar area

FELIIX SB E27-10W installed in the alcove booth seating area

Olive Garden Photo 5.png

FELIIX SB S1-1001-12 installed in the beverage area


FELIIX SB S1-1001-12 installed in the olive garden entrance


FELIIX ST FXB-TP2-40W installed in the kitchen area


FELIIX SB S1-1001-12 installed in the preparation area

Product Specifications

FELIIX SB S1-1001-12.png

FELIIX SB S1-1001-12

FELIIX SB MI-L50-930-35D-L.jpg

FELIIX SB MI-L50-930-35D-L

SB E27-10W (DIMMABLE).jpg


1647610451_SHAN BEN_LED STRIP_317.jpg

FELIIX ST SMD3528-60-001



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