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De La Salle University Laguna

Designer:    Feliix
Location:    Laguna 

Project Preview
We have completed our delivery and installation of student tables and chairs for De La Salle University Laguna. We provided over a hundred pieces of trapezoidal tables, designed with the flexibility to be rearranged into pod configurations for group activities among the pupils. Here at Feliix, modularity of products is one of strengths to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Product Specifications


dimension: 565mm W x 500mm D x 810mm H
back: plastic

seat: plastic

color: green

DLSU Laguna Photo 2.png

Arrange trapezoidal tables for students in an octagon layout for group activities

Student Desk
dimension: 775mm W x 450mm D x 560-820mm H
table top: 775mm W x 450mm D x 25mm thk (trapezoidal shape)
book box: 390mm W x 360mm D x 90mm H expanded metal
finish: powder coat
legs: adjustable (manual)
finish: powder coat
• color: beige

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