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Projects / Feliix Lighting

BPI Ayala

Triangle Gardens

Designer:    Aidea
Location:    Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City

Project Background

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is the very first banking institution in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia established in 1851. Over the years, BPI has expanded its network for over 800 branches, with some located in Hong Kong and Europe. Feliix partnered with architecture and design firm, Aidea, in enhancing the interior lighting of BPI’s Ayala Triangle Gardens branch in Makati City.

Client Requirement

Being located in a premiere spot in the city’s business district, the BPI Ayala Triangle Gardens branch wanted to further enrich their customer’s experience while inside the bank. Architecture and design firm, Aidea, collaborated with us to provide decorative lights not just for additional illumination, but also for enhancing the interior lighting design of the bank.


QisDesign Coral 16 in BPI Ayala
Triangle Garden’s lobby

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‣ a global integrated design firm

Solution & Products Provided
We have provided the BPI Ayala Triangle Garden branch several Xcellent and Qisdesign decorative
lighting products imported from Taiwan. Xcellent and Qisdesign are noteworthy brands in Taiwan
that focuses on innovative technology and craftsman, comfortable human-product interaction,
and design that pleases the eyes. Xcellent's Flight suspension lamps were installed in the hallway
for additional illumination and to enliven the area for the bank's employees. Meanwhile, the "petals"
of the Coral 16  suspension lamp were distributed throughout the bank's lobby to create a visually

Product Specifications


Xcellent - Flight 1


QisDesign - Coral 16

During the installation, we encountered a minor issue with the electrical supply and wiring in distributing

the Coral 16 "petals" individually within 300 square meters of space. We solved the issue by conducting actual simulations of the lighting design and concluded to strategically place the LED drivers on the presumed centers of the layout.


QisDesign Coral 16


QisDesign Coral 16 in BPI Ayala
Triangle Garden’s lobby


Xcellent Flight 1 in BPI Ayala
Triangle Garden’s hallways

Project Conclusion

Both Flight and Coral 16 suspension lamps add a unique appeal and a feeling of calm in a busy workspace of the trusted banking institution. The management of BPI Ayala Triangle Gardens’ branch was pleased with the products and lighting layout we provided as it helped in enhancing the customer and employee’s experience while inside the bank. The products we provided also helped in maintaining the prestige of BPI Ayala Triangle Gardens branch as a premier banking establishment in the city.

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