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Hotel Okura

Designer:    Feliix
Location:    New Port City, Pasay City

Project Background

Nestled within the Resorts World Manila complex, a premier entertainment and leisure destination, Hotel Okura Manila epitomizes the essence of elegant and refined Japanese hospitality here in

the Philippines. Feliix allotted the storage racks and storage systems of the beverage department, housekeeping management department, purchasing department and engineering department

of Hotel Okura Manila in Pasay City.

Client Requirement

As interior improvements continued inside the hotel in preparation for their opening in the first

quarter of 2021, Hotel Okura Manila’s procurement department contacted Feliix to inquire about

smart storage solutions intended initially for the beverage department of the hotel. They desired

to replace their old wooden storage racks with metal ones for better storage durability and capacity,

as well as for a more organized stockpiling in their storerooms. 


122x47x179 cm stock racks in charcoal gray powder coat finish in the engineering department


122x47x179 cm stock racks in charcoal gray powder coat finish

Solution & Products Provided

After meeting and hearing the concern of our client, we immediately delivered product samples

at Hotel Okura Manila for their look over of the materials, quality and condition of our storage

systems. With 91% of materials imported from Taiwan, our products met our client’s demand

for a better storage solution, replacing their wooden storage racks with our simple yet sturdy

metal ones. The procurement department gladly favored our products and initially purchased

8 units of storage racks for the beverage department, as well as a unit of storage cabinet

for their own. Consequently, we provided them the storage racks in beige powder coat finish

and a glass sliding cabinet in off-white powder coat finish.

Product Specifications


Stock Rack

• dimensions: 142W x 47D x 179H cm

• finish: powder coat

• color: off-white


After a few months since their first business with us, the procurement team contacted us again

for acquiring a second batch of orders. The procurement department requested additional units

of storage systems for the other departments of the hotel. They ordered 10 units of stock racks

for the engineering department, 125 units for the housekeeping management department, and an

additional 2 units of glass sliding cabinets, all in off-white or charcoal gray powder coat finish.


Stock Rack

• dimensions: 142W x 47D x 179H cm

• finish: powder coat

• color: off-white


118x40x176 cm glass sliding cabinet in off-white powder coat finish

in the purchasing department

Project Conclusion

Our storage systems are proven to be cost-effective and can achieve a well-organized storing-look

even in the busy workplaces of Hotel Okura Manila. For a span of just a few months, we have provided

Hotel Okura Manila a total of 143 units of storage racks and some glass sliding cabinets, which 91%

of the materials were made and imported from Taiwan and were then locally assembled here in the

Philippines, thus combining technology and craftsmanship at its finest for the optimal storage systems

solution one can have.

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