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Projects / Feliix Lighting

Information Technology


Designer:    Habulan & Ngo Design Studio

Location:    Quezon City 

Project Background

In collaboration with award-winning architecture firm, Habulan and Ngo Design Studio (HANDS), Feliix worked on a project for a Philippine-based information technology company located at Eastwood City, Quezon City.

Client Requirement

As the company moved to a new office at Eastwood City, to come up with a complete and dynamic headquarters was the main goal of the project. HANDS offered the project to Feliix to provide world-class lighting fixtures that would upkeep the client’s vision of an immersive work+play office environment. Feliix was more than ready to provide quality products even if the project required several complicated design specifics intent for different areas of the new office space.

Solution & Products Provided

As the project involved several complex designs, Feliix conducted thorough coordination with the client and HANDS when it came to proper selection of lighting fixtures and design development. We provided lighting design consultancy, such as with the quantity of lighting fixtures to be utilized and the feasibility of each area-specific design. Before the final layout designs were approved, we carried out several lighting studies and analyzed these with the help of lighting experts from Taiwan.

1        Feliix SB 35x35 mm customized-cut surfacemounted linear

           luminaires in the operations room

2          Feliix SB MI0065 suspended linear lights in the finance

          department office

3          Feliix SB Linear Recessed luminaires in the server room


DIALux study of the operations room 

Lighting experts from Taiwan checking on the customized-cut

surface-mounted linear luminaires

Having a total area of 2,000 square meters, the furnishing of the new headquarters of the company involved two floors of the building. On the 10th floor, at the reception area and pantry, ceiling-mounted panel lights were installed with varying heights. Linear lights with aluminum profile were used in the hallway and finance office while strip lighting luminaires were used for cove lighting in five meeting rooms and in the employees’ comfort rooms.

Everlight Lite Panel 4x1 suspended luminaires

float above in the office lobby


The key highlight of the project was the lighting layout for the operations room and lounge area on the 11th floor where customized-cut suspended and recessed linear lights form dynamic patterns and flows through the ceiling that inspire convergence and movement. Lighting experts and engineers from Taiwan helped us with the studies and installation of these complex lighting designs to ensure a faultless execution.


Feliix SB Linear Recessed luminaire light up the stairwell

going to the conference room


Feliix SB Linear Recessed luminaires inspires movement

and convergence in the lounge area

Lighting experts from Taiwan lending a helping hand with the installation of the customized-cut suspended linear lights


Feliix SB 35x35 mm customized-cut surface-mounted

linear lights in the operations room

Product Specifications


Feliix SB 35x35mm

• Surface-mounted/Recessed • 10W

• > 90 CRI


Feliix SB MI0065

• Surface-mounted/Recessed • 25W-100W

• > 90 CRI


Feliix SB MI0063

• Surface-mounted/Recessed

• 10W-100W

• > 90 CRI


Feliix SB MI0064

• Surface-mounted/Recessed • 15W-100W

• > 90 CRI


Feliix GT/TB227

• Recessed

• 40W

• > 80 CRI


Everlight Lite Panel 4x1

• Recessed

• 38W

• > 80 CRI


Feliix SB MI0069

• Surface-mounted

• 13W


Feliix SB 60183

• Recessed

• 12W

• > 85 CRI


Feliix Lighting DW-301R (C7)

• Recessed

• 9.5W

• > 90 CRI


Feliix SB Linear Recessed

• Surface-mounted

• 25W-150W

• > 90 CRI


Feliix SB MI0064 recessed luminaires add interesting

patterns in the conference room

Strip lighting luminaires used for cove lighting in the office lobby


Feliix SB MI0063 recessed linear luminaires and Feliix SB MI0069

surface-mounted luminaires installed in the meeting rooms

Project Conclusion

Feliix committed to its promise to deliver excellent quality products on time. With experts from Taiwan lending a helping hand, we have perfectly executed all the required lighting design plans even the most elaborate ones, but not before conducting several studies and mock-ups to provide feasibility and

cost-efficiency for the client and the designer’s ideas. With our world-class products intact throughout the office space, this new company headquarters engage employees into an organized yet energetic and playful working environment.

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