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Projects / Feliix Lighting


Designer:    Headroom CDV Architecture
Location:    Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Parañaque City

Project Background

Qach is a lifestyle and garden studio that offers modern ways in gardening and plant parenthood through their wide selection of tropical and ornamental plants, imported recyclable planters, and decorative gardening accessories. Collaborating with young passionate architects of Headroom CDV Architecture, we helped create a fresh pocket oasis of Qach at one of the newest and biggest shopping malls in the metro, Ayala Malls Manila Bay.

Client Requirement

Bringing an outdoor garden inside an urban establishment is Qach’s top priority. This means that the environmental condition of nature outside must be the same inside their shops: good temperature, comfortable humidity, and most importantly, sunlight. Hence, mirroring daylight inside the store was the most important factor in installing the lighting products we offered. Besides from a livable, plant-friendly lighting condition, luminaires would be used for spotlighting the flora, designer planters and gardening accessories, as well for the overall enhancement of the store interior for the coming patrons. The client wanted the shop as if it was you were inside a greenhouse.


FELIIX SB M10054 Illuminating the large plants
on designed planters in the shop's foyer


FELIIX SB M10054 illuminating the large plants
in the shop foyer


Everlight Lite Panel 38W 2x2 giving impression of natural daylight inside the store & Feliix SB
M10054 illuminating the mural painting


Everlight Lite Panel 38W 2x2 giving impression of natural daylight inside the store

Solution & Products Provided

With scenic picture windows, plants parading the foyer, overhead pergola with hanging vegetation, Qach’s interior design resembles the vibe of a solarium; thus, lighting fixtures were installed to emulate natural sunlight going in inside the shop. Track lights with high color-rendering index (CRI) were the principal lighting fixtures used to highlight the large plants in various designs of vases adorning the lobby. We used water-resistant strip lights to accent shelves on walls holding young plants in pots and ornate gardening tools. At the center, high intensity panel lights were instilled above the metal pergola giving the impression of natural daylight permeating inside the store. Lastly, wide beam angled track lights with high CRI were used to illuminate and invigorate the mural paintings at the back of the shop.

Product Specifications




Everlight Lite Panel 2x2




Everlight T5


Everlight Lite Panel 38W 2x2 above the metal pergola


Everlight T5 5W 1FT  accentuating the wall sheivers


Everlight Lite Panel 38W 2x2 giving the daylight illumination
in the store's interior


Everlight Lite Panel 38W 2x2 giving the daylight illumination in the store's interior

Project Conclusion

Giving fairness to the concept of creating a pocket garden inside their store through natural-looking lighting design granted the expectation of the client and architect to be genuinely met. Shoppers would feel that Qach’s is not merely a retail store; it’s a breathable, summery mini oasis waiting to be discovered.

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